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Menopauza As Transition

It is pleasant to tell that research has a proof now when menopauza not illness, is transition from abundance to natural barreness specially for women as men also take place through menopauzal'nyy transition more likely. However, this article should be bent to female menopauze, and to good news that the stage brings with it problems and some freedom, also. Even thus that reception there involves the relation of some signs which can be adverse.
Menopauza as ageing function will be tested by the majority of women in point in a life, with intolerable signs of hot flash, weariness, loss of bone weight, imploratory pains in joints, evening sweats, dry vlagalishchnyy the channel (which the sexual pleasure finally forbids), irritability, a mood swing and depression; the same as men also transfer soft prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), what signs include problems of uric ways and some from aforementioned menopauzal'nykh signs, especially a mood swing, irritability, loss libido and depressions.
The imagined answer to aforementioned problems was hormonal therapy of replacement which is not so approved now as research has assumed that HRT the cancer of a mammary gland could predispose really and even to stroke even thus that some experts continue to assert that hormonal therapy of replacement does not contribute a cancer in all women.
However, the natural expert on health and menopauze doctor Merilin Glenvill speaks. ' Menopauza not illness, and we should not medicalise, it, the diet, realisation and additions is key to pleasure that should be an enrichment phase in a life of the woman. And the gynecologist of adviser Nika Peneja, British Obshchestva Menopauzy the member, agrees, even thus that cautious from privileges of additional therapy. ' Some grassy preparations are not so effective as HRT and are often expensive. However, there is a certificate that at well investigated preparations, such as a soya and the red clover can be real benefit, ' he speaks.
I in the consent with both experts: at first that diet, realisation and addition - a key to seem health on all extent of a life, and especially in an old age. Secondly, it not all additions is favourable. But I should tell that the diet which is an obvious source of sound health, the most important thing to notice, - that you - that you eat. Actually you can make only not that other how to improve your consumption of a correct kind of products.
Change in a diet as should expect, does not happen quickly. But it which the advantage for health will follow, is to the true data should consideration to the following:
The vegetables, essential fats from oil fish, nuts, seeds and a considerable quantity of fruit will make you the world of good wise health.
Tofu, nuty, nephritic linen seeds of beans, lentil, tofu and it is a lot of soya milk will make for you the same health, good expected for hormonal therapy of replacement. There is a proof from research that two cups of milk of a soya reduce day hot flashes on 50 %
Reduction of swallowing hot karri, consumption of caffeine from coffee and koly, and alcohol consumption also will lower hot flashes on 50 %
Cigarettes worsen hot flashes, to avoid it.
Activity which they speak, is secret of good health, increase realisation; walking extremely is recommended. Dance also - the present activity, make you have bitten it even in you own home, it will help in, strengthen your bone and thus check osteoporosis, hot flashes and pains. There should be some activity which you love, make it.
There are very favourable additions there which can help you depending on yours body¡ ' s the constitution. All everyone does not react the same to all additions. It - not always it, what works for everyone works for another. Consult to the trained food expert to conduct you.
Menopauza as it is told earlier not illness, it is transition which you can regularly operate use of methods and the knowledge discussed in this article which as guarantee, will see you through menopauzu without suffering.


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